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Presidential Decree no. 76/2010 defines ANVUR’s governance and it describes the following bodies:

The President and the members of the bodies of the Agency remain in charge for four years and cannot be re-appointed. If the President or a member of a body ceases to hold office before the expiry of his term, the replacing President or member holds the office until the previously expected term.

The Governing Board adopts regulations concerning:

  • the definition of the tasks of the Areas;
  • the relation of the President and the Board of Directors with the management;
  • the functional profiles of non-managerial staff;
  • the juridical and economic treatment of the personnel;
  • the signing of contracts with the evaluation experts;
  • administration and accounting;
  • deontological rules.


The President has the legal representation of the Agency and is elected within and by the Governing Board. The President coordinates the meetings of the Governing Board and appoints, within its members, a Vice President who can replace her/him in case of absence or other impediment.

Governing Board

The Governing Board is composed by seven members (including the President) appointed by Presidential Decree, upon the proposal of the Minister of Education and Research, after hearing the competent parliamentary commissions. The member are selected within a list of highly qualified personalities with recognized experience in the field of higher education and research, as well as in the evaluation of the latter fields.The Governing Board determines the activities of the Agency and the strategic management decisions. It also defines criteria, methods and timing of the evaluation activities. It approves the budget, the final balance sheet and the evaluation reports. Furthermore, it appoints the Director, upon President’s proposal.

Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors verifies the administrative performance and the accounting regularity of the Agency. It is composed by three members, two of them appointed by the Minister of Education and Research and one by the Minister of Economy and Finance. The members, during their first meeting, elect within themselves the President of the Board Auditors.