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Performance Evaluation

In 2009, the Italian Parliament introduced a new type of administrative performance evaluation for all public institutions (Legislative Decree no. 150/2009), in order to stimulate a managerial approach in Italian public services. The purpose of this act was to promote an outcome-oriented management method, rather than the bureaucratic and inefficient procedures negatively affecting the quality of Italian public services. This reform has urged the administrations to plan and manage consistently their strategy (what they do), performance (how they do) and accounts (with what resources). The Independent Commission for the Evaluation, Transparency and Integrity of Government (CIVIT) has been then appointed to monitor and evaluate the implementation of this system.

In 2013, ANVUR took over CIVIT’s competencies regarding Public Universities and Research Institutes controlled by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). ANVUR’s core activities (evaluation of universities and research), were already ongoing and the new competencies completed the implementation of its functions, as designed when the Agency was established in 2006.

The guidelines for performance life cycle management of Universities and Research Institutes, released by ANVUR in 2015, propose an “integrated” approach linking administrative performance evaluation to the three main missions of research institutions: scientific research,  teaching (only for Universities) and socio-economic impact.

The ANVUR Performance team:

  • evaluates the integrated planning documents of Universities and Research Institutes;
  • coordinates the activity of the institutions’ Independent Evaluation Units (Nuclei di Valutazione);
  • contributes to the system with general analysis, statistical reports and benchmarks;
  • promotes the sharing of best practices and coordinate working groups;
  • organises on-site visits and meetings with single institutions.