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Daniele Checchi

Daniele Checchi

After obtaining a degree in Economic and Social Disciplines (M.A. equivalent) at Bocconi University, Milan (Italy) (1982), and a M.Sc. degree in Economics at London School of Economics (1985), he obtained a PhD in Economics awarded by University of Siena (Italy) (1987) (supervisor prof.R.M.Goodwin). He has taught at the University of Brescia, Milano-Bicocca and is currently professor of economics at the University of Milan. He has been visiting professor at the universities of York, Boston College, Leicester, Louvain, Autonoma Barcelona, Maastricht, Pontificia Universidad Catolica (Buenos Aires) and Lima. He also also spent study stays at the universities of Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), Cepremap (Paris), York, Amsterdam, London School of Economics, WIDER (United Nations University – Helsinki), Amherst Massachussets, Berkeley, Oxford, IZA(Bonn), Stockholm, University College Dublin. He has been appointed Fullbright chair at Georgetown University (Fall 2011).

He worked as consultant for the European Commission – Directorate-General for Education and Culture on the project “Making best use of resources” (service contract n.2004-4414), coordinator of the Milan unit under the GINI project “Growing inequalities’ impacts” , financed by European Union under 7th Framework Programme (contract n.244592 – 16/11/2009). He was an independent expert in education and training for the European Commission – DG Education and Culture (subcontract with ICF Consulting Service, 2015).

He has been member of a national committee appointed by the Italian Ministry of Labour for the implementation of minimum income scheme (2013), member of a national committee appointed by the Italian Ministry of Education and the Italian Ministry of Labour for enhancement of adult competences (2014). He has also been member of the committee for the Research Assessment Exercise (VQR 2004-2010) appointed by the Italian National agency for the Evaluation of the University system (ANVUR, 2012) and is currently on leave from university duties, working at the same agency.

His research interests span from inequalities in educational attainments to educational policies, from wage inequalities to the role of labour market institutions in shaping inequalities of opportunities. They are published in journals like Economic Policy, Journal of Public Economics, European Sociological Review, British Journal in ndustrial Relations, Economics of Education Review, Economica, Journal of Economic Inequality, Labour Economics (personal page at http://checchi.economia.unimi.it).