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Complaints and appeals

Any review procedure can only be activated in two different ways, after the ANVUR final assessment has been sent to Ministry and University.

As far as the Ministry is concerned, according to Legislative Decree no. 19/2012 (article 8, paragraph 6), if the Ministry finds elements for a different assessment, within 10 days since ANVUR transmission, the Ministry itself shall make a reasoned request for the review of the ANVUR assessment. Following the Ministry’s request, ANVUR will re-start the procedure, possibly making use of evaluation experts other than those who carried out the first assessment. The University will be informed about the starting of this review procedure. However, the review outcome, taken by an ANVUR Governing Board resolution, will be communicated exclusively to the Ministry within 30 days since the Ministry request.


The review can also be requested by the University, according to Presidential Decree no. 76/2010 (article 4, paragraph 2). This method is governed by article 18 of ANVUR Organisational Regulation (ANVUR Governing Board resolution no. 25 of 10 August 2022, entered into force on 20 May 2022), and can be activated, at University request, within 10 days since ANVUR transmission, in relation exclusively to:

  1. serious violations in the procedure leading to the final assessment.
  2. obvious inconsistencies or incoherences in the formulation of the final judgment with respect to the University counter-arguments, if they substantially affect the final outcome.
  3. violations of the ANVUR Code of Ethics.

In this case, ANVUR makes use of a Guarantee Committee, set up according to procedures defined by the ANVUR Governing Board and in compliance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), composed of 3 members external to the ANVUR, adequately representative of the subjects assessed. As outcome of its evaluation, the Guarantee Committee communicates to the ANVUR Governing Board, with specific reasons, the admissibility or otherwise of the request. In case of admissibility, it can propose to the ANVUR Governing Board to:


  1. review the ANVUR Governing Board decision, taking into account the elements emerging from the analysis conducted by the Guarantee Committee itself.
  2. confirm the decision already taken.


The ANVUR Governing Board, acquired the opinion of the Guarantee Committee, communicates whether or not it has been accepted within 45 days since the request for review.

In order to start the described procedure, in compliance with terms and conditions above and using the appropriate editable form, the universities must send the request for review by certified mail, to the following address: anvur@pec.anvur.it