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Structure and Organization

The organization and composition of ANVUR are set by Presidential Decree no. 76/2010 and by Law no. 232/2016, article 1, paragraph 306.

Under article 6 of the Presidential Decree, the Agency’ bodies are the President, the Governing Board (consisting of 7 members) and the Board of Supervisors (consisting of 3 members).

ANVUR also avails itself with an Advisory Committee, whose composition and functions are covered by article 11 of the Decree, appointed by the President on a proposal from the Governing Board. The Committee gives advices to the Governing Board with special regard to activity programmes and documents concerning criteria and evaluation methods.

The Agency is managed by a Directorate-General, comprising an administrative directorate, a University Evaluation directorate and a Research Evaluation directorate (under article 12 of the Decree). The head of the Directorate-General is the Director, who is responsible for the Agency’s operational and management activities. Each of the three areas is headed by an executive.

In accordance with Annex A of the Presidential Decree, ANVUR was provided with 12 staff units belonging to Area III of CCNL (national collective bargaining agreement) for Ministries, and with 3 staff units belonging to Area II. Under paragraph 306 of article 1 of the law no. 232/2016, ANVUR was authorised to hire 15 more staff units for Area III and 2 more staff units for Area II, so increasing the whole personnel from 19 to 36 units (including the 3 executives and the Director).

Under article 12 of the abovementioned Presidential Decree, ANVUR can resort to Evaluation Experts (50 as a maximum), with fixed-term employment contracts. The Agency has also a Secretariat, which is under the direct supervision of the Director. A single-member Independent Performance Assessment Body (OIV) has been appointed by ANVUR.

Management structure (ITA)

Organisational Chart