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Other Public Research Institutes

Public Research Institutes not supervised by MIUR

The law decree no. 218 of November 26th 2017 (art.17), has entrusted to ANVUR, in collaboration with the Consultative Committee of the Public Research Institutes (ConPER), the drawing of guidelines on the methodologies for evaluating the results of the following public research institutes supervised by Ministries other than MIUR:

  • CREA – Council for Agricultural Research and Economics
  • ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development;
  • INAPP (previously ISFOL) – National Institute for Public Policy Analysis
  • ISTAT – Italian National Institute of Statistics
  • ISS – Italian National Institute of Health
  • ISPRA – Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
  • INAIL – National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, only with regard to the research personnel and functions transferred to the institute, according to art.17, paragraphs 1,4 and 5 of law decree n.78 of May 31st 2010,  as converted and modified by law n.122 of July 30th 2010
  • ANPAL – National Agency for Active Labour Policies, only with regard to the research personnel and functions transferred to the institute, according to art.4, paragraph 9 of law decree n.150 of September 14th 2015.

The ministries responsible for the supervision of the above mentioned Institutes are called to transpose the ANVUR guidelines into specific acts of direction and coordination addressed to individual institutions (article 17, paragraph 3), following which the statutes of the institutions must be adjusted.  Furthermore, ANVUR has to define evaluation procedures consistent with the guidelines and to develop indicators for the allocation of public funding to institutes and for the assignment of result-based supplementary funds to high performing structures (Article 17, paragraph 5).


Dirigente: Marco Malgarini
Responsabile: Carmela Anna Nappi
Email: entidiricerca@anvur.it

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