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The Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR) oversees the national quality evaluation system for universities and research bodies. It is responsible for the quality assessment of the activities carried out by universities and research institutes, recipients of public funding. It is also entrusted with steering the Independent Evaluation Units’ activities, and with assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of public funding programmes or incentive programmes for research and innovation activities. Namely, ANVUR carries out the following tasks:

  1. Evaluating procedures, results and outputs of institutions’ management, teaching, research and technological transfer activities;
  2. Defining criteria and methodologies for the assessment of institutions and programmes (including PhD, Master and Post-graduate medical programmes) with a view to their periodic accreditation by the Ministry;
  3. Steering the assessment activities undertaken by universities’ Independent Evaluation Units;
  4. Drawing up the procedures for collecting and evaluating students’ satisfaction with programmes (in cooperation with universities’ Evaluation Units);
  5. Developing and proposing to the Ministry quantitative and qualitative requirements for the purpose of universities’ establishment, merger, federation or closure, and of study programmes’ activation, merger or closure;
  6. Providing benchmarks for public funds allocation at the request of the Minister. It includes the definition of minimum performance levels and standard unit costs for specific services;
  7. Assessing the results of program agreements between MIUR and individual institutions and their contribution to the overall improvement of the evaluation system quality, based on expected results and predefined benchmarks;
  8. Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of public funding programmes and incentive programmes for teaching, research and innovation activities;
  9. Undertaking further assessment exercises, defining standard parameters and providing technical regulations at the request of the Minister.